Business process integration connects different technology systems to streamline business information between organization and their partners, employees, stakeholders, constituents, and customers. Heartland Energy Partners (HEP), along with our proven strategic partners, works with diverse customers to evaluate, select, deploy, and integrate advanced technology solutions. 

Heartland Energy Partners goes beyond software and process integration by assisting our clients in the procurement of needed system technologies to ensure that you receive the best and most fair deal possible. HEP and their team helps organizations ensure that all of their systems work together over the long-term for greater efficiency.

At Heartland Energy Partners (HEP), we work with you through the entire technology project. HEP will continue to be there by your side to help you implement your plan and train employees to realize the full capability of the new technology solution. Heartland Energy Partners can assist you with:

  • Project Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Field Trial Planning and Execution
  • Deployment Planning
  • Network Deployment


Growing threats to the computer systems and networks that operate our country’s critical technological infrastructure have made cyber security a top national security priority. The operators and users of this infrastructure need clear direction to recognize priorities and invest resources where they are most effective in order to protect their critical assets. 

HEP provides its clients with necessary and effective risk analysis, security planning, and operational innovation in order to provide the means for securing critical infrastructure. Our experts work with electricity, chemical and hazardous materials, oil and gas pipelines, transportation, water systems, nuclear reactors, and government facilities. We also provide support in implementing research and development programs that address security needs and help maximize investments.

The issue of information overload is well documented in recent research reports, and investing in new technologies that help analysts efficiently extract critical business insights from masses of unstructured data will inevitably create a competitive advantage. 

Primary Focus

  • Unstructured data analytics
  • Unstructured data organization
  • Guided navigation and tagging
  • Unstructured data retrieval
  • Structured data analytics and mining